Zeplin is a fairly recent platform that we use to share designs with both clients and developers. Designs are added directly from Sketch and ensure that the team can access up-to-date mocks. It also bridges the communication gap for us throughout the design phase so that we are all on the same page.

    Benefits of this technology

    With its connectivity to Sketch, Zeplin affords us a number of benefits including;

    • Creating style sheets based on screen contents
    • Generates code snippets in a specific development language
    • Provides developers with measurements and positioning information for components
    • Feedback and comments can be added directly to designs
    • Screens can be hyperlinked directly to Jira tickets, providing more context to tasks

    Use Cases

    We use Zeplin with every development project to bridge the gap throughout the design phase, share designs and receive feedback. For us, we find the different coloured annotations particularly useful, as we can set our own colour coded system to clearly explain different types of comment. For example, red for negative feedback, blue for behavioural suggestions etc.

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