The Appcelerator PlatformMobile

    The platform helps manage the entire lifecycle of the application with debugging, testing, deployment, crash monitoring and analytic data collection. The Appcelerator Platform works with cross-platform, native applications built with Titanium SDK, Java and Objective-C.

    Benefits of this technology

    Appcelerator Services are a set of features that include:

    • API Builder: to build and deploy custom API endpoints that can be consumed by any client application. Developers can quickly and easily create mobile-optimized APIs that manage data from multiple data sources, such as SAP,, Oracle, Sharepoint and others.
    • Mobile Backend Services: Mobile backend-as-a-service solution providing commonly used features, such as user management, push notification, integration with social networks and cloud storage.
    • Appcelerator Analytics: Track your applications’ user adoption and engagement to help understand how your application is used, which features are not used and decide what will go in the next version of your application.

    Use Cases

    With a prebuilt backend solution, we are able to very quickly add user management to an app, or extend it to use push notifications. It provides us with analytics dashboard and API builder can help integrate with many crucial business data sources.

    Where we would not use it

    In an instance when we need a full control over a system. In case anything goes wrong, we need to raise support ticket and wait for issue to be resolved. Timings are outwith our control.

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