Sketch is a tool we use for all of our interface design projects. Sketch is a lightweight, highly pluggable platform for UI Design. Sketch is specifically built for the designing of interfaces, whether it be mobile (iOS and Android) or web.

    Benefits of this technology

    With a large community of users, and a well supported and maintained platform, Sketch provides us with a number of benefits.

    • Export assets according to screen density
    • Artboards based on screen size, device
    • Symbols, create components with variables to have increased consistency and control
    • Plugins for data generation, iconography, additional control

    Use Cases

    Sketch is perfect for any interface design and prototyping.  Sketch allows you to take the leap from wire-frames to full mocks of interfaces, allowing us to bring an app idea to life. Being able to view app flows and share these with others helps us communicate our vision as a team.

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