Meteor JSFull Stack

    Meteor is the most popular full-stack JavaScript App framework for building modern web and mobile apps, with a single JavaScript codebase. It can be used with JavaScript UI frameworks like Angular, React or Blaze (Meteor’s library). Meteor automatically manages the data flow between cloud and client applications, as well as client UI state and rendering, regardless of which UI framework you use.

    Benefits of this technology

    Meteor is a highly scalable framework which makes it a good fit for large scale projects. Using it helps simplify the development process. This means fewer bugs and a higher quality output.

    • Uses just one programming language for server and client which simplifies development and makes maintenance much more efficient
    • Meteor makes it easy to build real-time apps thanks to its full-stack reactivity (no need to refresh pages to see them update)
    • Packages simplify some of the common tasks and remove need to reinvent wheel
    • Active and supportive community of developers
    • Can be used to develop cross-platform mobile apps

    Use Cases

    This framework is great for building real-time applications. Any database changes can be instantly seen on your interface layer. Instant document changes make it also a great for collaboration apps. It also works great if you need to create a MVP in a short span of time.

    Where we would not use it

    If you are building client only app, a traditional website, need to integrate with MySQL database, or create a web service without client, we would advise a different route.

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