Hapi.JSBack End

    Hapi.js is a rich back end framework in JavaScript used to run a server. Its development started in 2011. To build an application, Hapi.js would be used in pair with a front-end framework or library, like React or Angular.

    Benefits of this technology

    Having a back end technology in JavaScript means that we get an application entirely powered by the same language, as the currently most popular front end frameworks and libraries are in this language too. This means better maintainability and faster development. Hapi.js also offers a very rich environment with a lot of tools to accelerate the deployment of a server.

    Using singular frameworks/tools for the front and back ends (in opposition to using a full stack framework like MeteorJS) offers flexibility in development, meaning that we have access to a wide variety of tools to pick from.

    Use Cases

    We would use hapi.js in a project where we need flexibility when it comes to development and we cannot follow the structure that MeteorJS decrees; for example, an application that relies on an external service.

    Where we would not use it

    Hapi.js is not the fastest framework to deploy a server with, so if time is a constraint, it’s probably best to use MeteorJS for a regular or classic application, or another back end framework for other cases.

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