Flinto is a tool that allows us to create interactive prototypes. Whilst the images used inside the app are static, the interactivity allows us to explore user journeys and use cases. Flinto is a great way to confirm features and ideas as well share your vision with investors or key stakeholders.

    Benefits of this technology

    Flinto allows us to test the apps usability before committing to building anything. Allowing us to adapt quickly and use less resource.

    • Quickly tie together screens through ‘hotspots’
    • Installable on clients device
    • Add transitions to help guide the user

    Use Cases

    We use Flinto when producing mobile projects. Flinto prototypes are produced at the end of the wireframe stage of a project, when the user journeys are in the process of being finalised. These can then be updated with more visual designs, to help give users a more lifelike experience.

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