Support and Maintenance

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Ongoing Support

What Support Do I Need?

Every digital product will require different levels of support once it has been launched. There may be any number of bugs that creep into code over time, caused by platform changes and updates. With technology constantly evolving, it also looks good to stay current and keep providing new value and features to your users.

We provide flexible support options, from simple bug fixing and monitoring, through to ongoing feature roadmap development retainers. We will find a package that fits your needs as your platform grows.

Flexible ongoing support to fit your needs


Scheduled Support

Making we regularly test and support your platform.

Performance Monitoring

We can provide performance monitoring solutions so that we can respond quickly to any issues.

Support Portal

Report bugs or suggestions to the team with your own dedicated support portal.

Flexible Retainers

Our retainers allow us to plan your development roadmap ahead of time.

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