Creating Digital Communities

We use social features to connect users and communities:


Receive messages in real time for a more natural conversation. Messages are secure and sent instantly to the user in a conversation thread. Group messaging allows many users to collaborate together.

User Profiles

User profiles allow users to store their information securely within your platform.  This means users can control their visibility, set their preferences and access their data at any time.

Activity Feed

Activity feeds are perfect for social platforms with a large number of users. Users can contribute posts, images and videos to a dynamic feed. As with most activity feeds, comments, replies and tags are all expected features.


Grow your community by encouraging sharing within your platform. Share posts and pages with other users within the platform, or share externally using other social and messaging apps.

The Use Case

What this could mean for your platform

There can be many instances where social elements could enhance your platform. In many apps, social sharing can help to boost exposure, and user profiles can help users control their data. Adding a dynamic stream of content and communication to a platform has been proven to increase the “stickiness” of a platform, as users keep checking for updates and recent activity.

When it comes to building a social media platform, the options are endless. From bespoke chat platforms to dynamic real-time feeds with video sharing and commenting, from mobile apps to full web platforms. We have experience in building scalable social media platforms with complex integrations and are always ahead of the curve with the latest social features and technologies.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation