Flexible Payment Solutions

Fast, secure and compliant payment options for every platform:

In-App Purchases

Monetise your app by providing in-app purchases to unlock content, levels or points. These purchases are processed directly via Apple and Google, giving users peace of mind and seamless payment process.


Regular payments that allow you to ensure that all important recurring revenue. Whether that’s through Apple and Android in-app subscriptions, or web-based payments online, we can create bespoke subscription-based platforms for your users.

Apple and  Google Pay

We can build apps that take payments directly through Apple and  Google Pay. This growing trend for payments means users can seamlessly make payments using their device with contactless card readers.

Payment Gateways

We work with various secure and trusted payment gateways depending on both your platform requirements and your business needs. Platforms such as Stripe, Braintree, WordPay and Mango Pay are among those we have experience with.

The Use Case

What could this mean for your platform

Taking payments within your platform means that you can start gaining revenue from your product, whether that revenue is a key part of your business model or supplementary.

Different payment types are often combined. For example, in a coaching app platform users could purchase video tutorials using in-app purchases, or upgrade to premium to unlock all content. If a user was looking for extra support, they could subscribe to a video coaching package and video chat with a coach online.

Each platform requires a different set up for payments. Our focus is to ensure that payments are taken securely using trusted merchants that are PCI compliant.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation